Enjoy this amazing collection of talented artists and their beautiful artifacts. You will find that artists are from diverse geographical areas. The kind of art these artists are creating has a huge variety of the concept, the medium used and the shape of their artworks make them artists amazing.

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Child Art

Generally, school students learn art and painting in traditional way but they are required to be taken in free and high sky from traditional ways. Where there are no rules and regulations of art. Reflections of creations are created in the sky of emotions and it is the background of birth of a pure artist. Then an artist becomes a discoverer and versatile..

Enjoy this beautiful collection of child art. This collection of children’s art includes pencil drawings, drawing with color pencils, paintings done by crayons, oil pastels, sketch pens, gel pens, ink pens, watercolors, acrylic colors, oil colors and collage paintings. This large and diverse art collection includes artworks by children from all over India and beyond. LAQUEER is committed to promote underprivileged children, rural children, tribal children, children from remote communities .

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Nayika Bheda
tempera painting
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