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The Importance of SHADANG in Modern Art

In answer to this question, in the land we should know what is the difference between modern art and (earlier art is being referred to as ancient art) and ancient art? So, the intention will be clear with more ease.

Since ancient times, painters have followed suit. But the title “Mamta” depicts the mother and the new-born baby in her lap. The work has been completed in the form of lavanaya analogy and varna vidhan in such a way that the vision of motherhood is reflected in the eyes of the mother and full bodily limbs, and the feeling of longing for love and affection with the body of the child. Also, the background of the work is supplied by the feeling of motherhood. In the land of modern art, the expressions of this painting can be shown with more success than this. In modern art, the painter is not restricted to follow in the plot. At the same time, the modern painter begins to be oriented towards the abridgment and abstraction in the work. The modern painter, in a work titled “Mamta”, did the mother and the infant on his lap in a simple but more gentle manner, then combined the entire picture with some of the simplest strokes of the paintbrush, and then with the stroke of just one or two basins. Done.

The painter’s tendency to summarize and abstraction did not come together, to achieve this, he used this form of art through various experiments and practices. This means that the sentiment in this shortening is so much that even the ordinary person is heartbroken by the spirit of this work and also seen the performance of an unimaginable handwriting. The kind of emotion in which ancient art craftsmen used to experience difficulty, this difficulty was overcome by modern art cars, so modern painting art is more important as well as it is also true that the artist has to understand the basic basis of art, that is, the rules of conspiracy. Knowledge must be there because in its absence the artist can never succeed in portraying modern art. For this, another example can be well understood –

A picture car creates a portrait of a loving couple in a garden in modern surroundings. It consists of a tree with thick curved strokes of a paintbrush, with a curved soft line under an oval on the Y side and a staircase under the square car on the other side. He was successful in communicating his expression to the public, but his success is only when he has full knowledge of the real rules of tomorrow i.e. the art, that is, the art car should take care that in proportion to the sign tree of the man or woman. Should be somewhat larger than a square oval, the line under the oval should be soft and curved according to the female body so that the female body can be accepted. And the line below the square tax which reflects the male is rigid. With the inclusion of such qualities, the artwork becomes more expressive and at the same time it is not obscene while being naked. Therefore, an artist can submit these types of pictures which affect society more if he has complete knowledge of the rules of the city. In my view, modern art will definitely start to decline in the absence of Shadang.

It is clear from the above discussion that in the present era the importance of modern art is more than modern pre-art, but this importance is only until the art car does not obliterate shandang at the time of art creation. Therefore, modern art has importance in the modern era and the success of communicating this importance is dependent on Shadang.

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<strong>Prashant Tripathi</strong>
Prashant Tripathi

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