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परीक्षा की तैयारी कैसे करें

The academic session is almost completed in all schools. Even the experimental examinations are also over now. The result of the preparation done by the students and teachers in the entire academic session will be in the written examination.

For this result, teachers have to accomplish different levels to prepare the students. It is also often seen that due to the expansion of syllabus of board examinations, the entire session is spent only to complete it, and this year, due to Corona epidemic, no one knows whether the exertion done by the teachers will be sufficient or not. Whatever the final truth is, students have to be tested and should bring good results.

Whenever an exam is about to start, many students often face a big problem. They have to prepare a lot of syllabus in a short time. This problem is very big for the students who have has not read anything for the whole year.

There are some suggestions for the best performance of the students in the examination, following which the students can perform better and make their place in the merit.

Prepare yourself for the exam

1.Keep the routine organized.

2.To avoid the mental pressure of the exam, keep doing exercises / Asanas / yoga and daily work.

3.Milk fruit and salad place in your meal.

4.Keep your mind steady.

5.Create a calm and suitable environment for study.

6.Avoid studying in high light or dim light.

7.The parents should keep the appropriate height of the desk and chair for writing and study.

8.Give importance to the preparation of the exam for the exam.

9.Avoid the pressures of incompleteness of the course, rather try to complete the remaining syllabus progressively.

10.Do not forget to revise the part of the syllabus that is ready.

11.Prepare the content you want to divide by dividing it into different parts.

12.Do not hesitate to take help of suitable person or teacher in preparation.

13.Draw diagrams, equations, formulas, definitions etc. on charts and paste them near the study table. So as to remember them revising or learning them again and again.

Your state of mind motivates you for the exam, so your healthy state of mind is very important for the exam. Healthy Mind: The above measures can prove to be very effective for the condition. With this, you never come under mental pressure towards the exam and you can get high marks by getting natural success in the exam.

<strong>Prashant Tripathi</strong>
Prashant Tripathi

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