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(A) Journey’s End (B) Raslila (C) Radhika (D) Meghdoot (E)Tiller of The Soil (F) Shiva and Sati


This is a symbolic wash/ tempera painting by Avnindra Nath Tagore. He depicts an overloaded  camel about to end of his life after a tiring long journey. The expression and posture of camel looks real and lively.


This is a vertical asymmetric figurative and well-integrated wash painting shown dancing along with eleven gopies under a vibrant tree in moon light. their face expression is full of divine pleasure.


This is a one of the best wash painting of Bengal school by M.A.R. Chughtai. A profile face lady is shown coming out of her room. The Whole composition giving a beautiful impression.


This painting is made by Ram Gopal Vijay Vargiya  of Bengal school taken from “Abhigyan Shakuntalam” in this painting the cloud are massager’s named Meghdoot  is shown talking yaksha’s massage to his consort during rainy session .


This remarkable painting made by Nand Lal Bose of Haripura panels. It shows tilling the land with a wooden plough driven by a pair of white bullocks. The entire force of farmers action is concentrated on managing his plough.

Shiva And Sati

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