What are the requirements to join the LAQUEER as an artist
You must have a minimum of 10 artwork to go live, and a minimum of 25 pieces of art to see good results? The quality of the artwork must be really good as well as your artwork must be original.
Your images will be screened by our curator, and displayed on the website if meeting our minimum quality requirements. If any of your paintings are sold, we will call / email you and inform you of the next process. Once the painting reaches our premises, we will check the quality and send it to the customer. We will make the payment directly to your bank account at the time of registration, within 30 days of receiving the painting in our premises.
Artists have trusted us, and you can too. Please be assured about payment. We have an unconditional 15-days return policy for customers. If customers wish to return the painting, we will first send it back to our premises and check for any damage. If found ok, we will send it back to you. Return usually occurs when the image shared by the artist is very different from the actual painting. So, make sure that your drawings and actual paintings are in sync. It is recommended that you shoot your pictures through a professional photographer. We need 100% handmade pictures.
We promote your art. You can also sell on other sales channels. However, there is only one condition – whenever there is a sale on other channels, you must immediately deactivate it in the artist portal an LAQUEER as well. If the artist fails to do so, and someone orders a painting sold on the LAQUEER – it will leave a very bad impression about the client, and they will probably never return. We will deactivate the artists’ account in that case, and send a notice for the collection of our commissions lost. We also urge artists to inform us if they are going on long leave so that we can keep their paintings invisible till that time.
We do not display any work for more than 40 days. If more than this, your work should be changed and made available for new work to be performed again.
It is suggested to artists that while determining the value of their creations, they should set the price within the market place or within the purchasing limit of the customers so that the works can be liked more and purchased.
For the transfer of money, please read the terms and conditions of return and remittance carefully.