1. No fee will be received from the artist invited for the Online International Exhibition.

2. Any reputed or rising artist can avail online exhibition commenced by LAQUEER.

2 (A). If an artist wants to use our platform to sell his work, he should send his bio-data, five pics of his latest works to us, on the basis of which the team will decide whether that artist should be given the stage or not. In case the application is approved, the artist is placed in the category of invited artists.

2 (b). In case of not being selected, the artist can be given a stage, but for this, publicity, dissemination and other expenditure will have to be paid by the artist according to the rules laid down by the LAQUEER.

3. Digital invites and promotional banners are provided to the invited artist for his exhibition.  So that the artist can help in propagating at his level.

4. In these types of events, the artist should make available his work experience, details of past exhibitions, prizes and honours etc. to LAQUEER in the word format ten days before the scheduled date.

5. 15 to 20 best paintings of the artist can be displayed in the exhibition.  The number of works can be enhanced under special contracts.

6. Pictures of the works to be displayed in the exhibition should be made available separately in

PNG / JPGE High resolution (as per 1. 2. 2. 3. ..).

7. Descriptions of each work in order – by size, surface, medium, title, category, style, sale price

(maximum and minimum) and the subject of the picture and the motivation to make the picture

if possible (organized in Hindi / English word format) Should be made available before ten days.

8. The online exhibition is organized for a maximum period of 7 to 10 days only.

9. These types of events which are organized by LAQUEER for guest artists promotes itself at various levels through its various audiences (social media, local press release messages and e- mails.

10. If the artist propagates the event at his level, then there is no objection else the artist is expected to make the LAQUEER aware about the medium of publicity or the platform etc.

11. If the artist wants additional promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Amazon Linked In or all through the LAQUEER, then the artist will have to pay extra for it.


12. The availability of works / creations displayed during the exhibition should be with the artist.

13. If a work / creation is selected for purchase by someone and the work is unavailable to the artist, then it will affect the credibility. In this situation, the artist will be given notice through LAQUEER. And the artist will have to pay the economic loss.

14. Therefore, the artist should not display his work elsewhere without the permission or sell it through any other means during the exhibition. We should be made aware of the availability of such works / creations during the exhibition.

16. The cost of selling the work to the artist is paid through the bank. Hence Your Aadhaar card with the application of the event or with the consent of the invitation. Photo state copy of pan card. Name, full address of correspondence, e-mail ID, bank account no., IFSC code, name and address of the bank branch, should be made available ten days before the exhibition.

18. The sale of any work / creations in the exhibition is promptly communicated to the artist by phone / e-mail, within four days, the artist should make the original work packed in plastic tubes

/ boxes or properly secured. After observing this pack and original work, it is sent to the customer.

19. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the artist that his work should be displayed as it is, 14 days after the confirmation of arrival at the destination, the artist is sent a bank draft or cash transfer (as per the artist’s will and convenience) according to the commission policy.

20. Under normal  circumstances, any work / works sold by the line does not come for return, but if more  difference is found between the exhibited and original work and the reason (that  the description and picture  displayed) is returned then The artist will have to bear the expenses of sending and that artist will not become a member in future.

21. In case of any dispute, the decision taken by LAQUEER will be final and should be accepted.