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The power of Imagination is always the base of My Creations and My Reality. My Artworks always bring the sense of imaginative aroma into reality. Becoming a neutral human being at one Stage arises the power of my Imagination. Neutralization give freedom to my mind to create a beauty on the various mediums. The main essence took place when my Imagination coordinates with my Emotions.

Katyayani Saharanpur, Deoband (U.P.)

Nature Has a Great piece of art so like to depict kaleidoscopic form of nature with my aesthetic view , my painting evolved from landscape painting which moved toward the abstraction which present my internal feelings of my way.

Anil Soni Mirzapur (Uttar pradesh)

आप किसी को कला की तकनीक सिखा सकतेहैं कला नहीं किन्तु यदि आप अभ्यास करते जाते हैं तो निस्संदेह दक्षता को प्राप्त होते हैं। आज कम्प्यूटर युग मेंजहा कला अपनी पहचान खोती जा रही है, वही प्रवीण सैनी कला जगत में नए कीर्तिमान स्थापित  करने लिए  अनवरत कार्यरत  हैं |

Praveen Saini Muzaffarnagar (Uttar pradesh)

I am madly in love with art since childhood. My passion led me to the graduate BVA with honour from government college of art and craft Kolkata. I accomplish in painting women and children the elderly and the daily life forms with mastery and sensitivity – portraying their hopes and dreams. I always try to present another force of nature   the noblest of animals – the horse. generally, my painting symbolizes the strength and beauty of horse while preserving the delicacy of color and line.

Sarfuddin Ahmed Khanpur (W.Bengal )

Everyday I love to create a new world of my imaginations, ideas,skills on canvas. I like being inspired and tend to inspire others. I love whenever people called me an “Abstract Artist” instead of other names or degrees of mine.
In my opinion any kind of passion is the only way to progress happily ahead.For artists trying to find their way by creativity, it will always be a winding path. But, sometimes creativity skills such brings so much more then the expectations. More and more I create textures, lines, forms, colors on my canvas I feel my originality is at my fingertips.

Dr. Richa Jain Muzaffarnagar (Uttar pradesh)

I’m very positive for social awareness and very possessive for our old heritage so in my work viewer can feel all teasing in their mind as well as heart too. I’m very proud on my colorful Indian culture.
Art is a language of true emotions……………. My works are related to nature expressions of moments. Each of painting represents different locations including my historical city Bundi which creates pleasure. I keen to create different texture in my work. It is semi –realistic. I love to use water color in my paintings, it gives lots of transparency, depth, softness in bottom of my heart.now days I am using acrylic colors on canvas.

Pankaj Sisodiya Bundi (Rajasthan)

Ramesh Nambiar is an Indian artist, from Kerala, who has shown exceptional ability in transforming the two-dimensional plane of a canvas into colorful harmonious fields of haphazard geometric shapes glamorizing his otherwise mundane subject.

He boldly steps into the wide expanse of tonal and chromatic possibilities to present an absolutely aesthetic treat to the viewers in his inimitable style.

Ramesh Nambiar Kanhagarg (Kerala)

As I am young and very much attracted about ‘Fashion’ and about good looks. Today we all see especially in young girls that are very much fascinated about their looks and what first comes – our hair. Since my childhood I was very much fond of doing my hair. So, when I choose my painting topic as girl to show the charm and their beautiful hair. As we talk about female beauty it’s so charmful and lustrous and glamour’s. I am very much inspired by the western look’ western appearance and all westernization. My work showed some ancient effects like old houses. This means relation and bonding from the old things. My concept of painting old houses is that we urban girls have reached the heights but some were we are bonded to the family and our tradition

Yogita Dahiya Haridwar (Uttarakhand )

I like to depict the subject which i have seen very closely . every painting says different different things to their viewers , I tried to make little easy language of my paintings and due to this everybody can be connect .I tried to create a question which always disturb my mind . I painted only things which i felt after coming in this metropolitan city ( Delhi) from a little town .

Khushbu U. Soni Mirzapur (Uttar Pradesh)

I work hard to improve my skills on my aim as it requires that every artist must refine his/her skill to mold his life, his body and his mind as time goes by.  I strive to be my own teacher as well as my own pupil and never want to put on end to my learning. I paint every day in my studio and I learn something new with each new art work.

Vision -There is a rhythmic inter- relation among all the objects and subjects of nature and society. Variation of their relations always inspire us to create it is our subject to reach near the depth of their relations.

Prashant Tripathi Saharanpur (Uttar Pradesh)

I like to depict the subject which i have seen very closely . every painting says different different things to their viewers , I tried to make little easy language of my paintings and due to this everybody can be connect .

Magati Jena Bhuvneshwar ,Orissa

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