The main feature of Bengal school of miniature paintings are as follows

Based on Indian Tradition –

The Bengal school of fully based on the Indian traditional style as the subject matter of this school is based on Indian culture. The paintings based on Indian themes like Mahakali, Shiva Parvati, Krishna and Gopis etc. proved the Bengal school’s Indian mentality.

Influence of Ajanta Paintings –

Bengal school is influenced from Ajanta art. The qualities of Ajanta art like rhythm, grace, harmony etc. are visible in Bengal school. The lines of Bengal school resemble the Ajanta paintings.

Softness and Rhythm in Figure

The figure of Bengal school give soft effect and no hardness is there. they are graceful and have delicacy. They are rhythmic and provide pleasant experience to eyes.

Beautiful Colour Scheme –

The colours of Bengal school are very attractive. Wash technique is used and colour are not bright and gaudy at all.

Influence of Mughal and Rajasthani School-

Mughal and Rajasthani school’s influence can be seen at some places.

Light and Shade-

The softness in the paintings of Bengal school is due to its quality of brilliant light and shade.

Impressive and Indian Subject Matter-

The subject matter of Bengal school is very impressive an Indian character. Themes used are historical, religious and literary.

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