following the main characteristics or feature of Pahari school of miniature painting

Description of women

Face of women is in profile and are round in shape. their nose is almost in line with forehead, eyes are long narrow and expressive like bows and the chin is sharp.

Depiction of line

Rhythmic lines have been depicted which are smooth in nature and are very fine and worth praising.

Colour schemes

Mostly primary colours have been used. some colours are like pink, mauve, gray and green have also been used. Golden colours is used in large scale. The red coloured border have been used having an influence of Mughal style. The colours are strong and contrasting. in the garments and ornaments, golden and silver colours have been used .th lightening has been shown through silver colour.


Choli, lehnga and transparent odhani have been worn by women. Males have been turbans and angarkhas. Krishna is always shown wearing yellow pitamber.

Depiction of nature

Trees, clouds jungles mountains foliage river aquatic birds etc. have been depicted beautifully. the rainy season and lightening effects have been nicely painted.


Inspite of having no proper perspective, the Pahari paintings appeal to us

Romantic scenes

Many romantic scenes have been founded in Pahari style. Krishna symbolizes God (Nayak) and Radha symbolizes (heroine) in many of these paintings.

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