following are the main feature of Rajasthani school of miniature painting

Verity of themes – There is a great verity in themes of Rajasthani paintings. themes are based on sessions (Brahmasa) music, hunting scenes religious themes like Ramayna, Mahabharta, love scenes and krishan and Radha have been depicted.

Colour scheme – The main colour used are the primery colours (red blue and yellow) green, brown and white. other colours in use are golden and silver.

Costumes – Females are wearing lehenga and choli with transparent dupatta, males are wearing turbun, jhabba , patka and pazama .

Facial feature – Face of full of emotions and feelings are the according the moods. The face is elongated, oval and profile (side pose) the forehead is in inclining downwards, long and pointed nose swelling out lips and pointed chin.

Depiction of women – The women of kishangarh school are very impressive Bani Thani of kishangarh school are world fame painting.

Lines– the lines are very fine powerful and rhythmic.

Depiction of nature – Nature has also been depicted very beautifully, different types of trees, floral trees, mountains, water, springs and lakes have been depicted in very attractive manners.

Silent Feature

1. Diversity in Themes, Scenes of any activity related of religion, Social, Court hunting Nayak – Nayika Bheda , Season (Barah Masa ),Rag Ragini etc.

2.The Powerful And rhythmic lines of this school are from old traditional Indian Art.

3. Glowing colours in deep harmonious contrast.

4. Variety of costumes of male and female of Rajasthan region .

5. Inspired from Indian epics, devotional poetry, Romantic poetry, and Indian Music.

6. Human Faces are shown from different angle.

7. Female figures are frequently painted .

8. Mostly Face are profile .

9. Classification of feminine charm in different modes and moods.

10. Some Large paintings are only at Kishangarh, Kota, Bundi and Bikaner.

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