How can we realize true self to make our personality better? There could be different ways to achieve it. Some applicable and some may not be. It is a wide and deep process that may take years if we go philosophically. But we also know that practically such ways would never work. Hence, I have come up with some routine principles that can change your life in whole as a better person who at least can enjoy a life without grudges.



Emphasize on Acceptance as a good practice. We should first accept our negative traits in a sense to evaluate ourselves so that we can further find some remedies to change or prevent those flaws. For instance, listen to your criticism and accept it. Think in a positive way as if you listen, you may get a chance to improve your personality. Never take everything wrong always. Also try to accept others in your life along with their flaws. You will surely see life in an improved way and very soon will feel happy and self-contented.


Next step is to Appreciate even the small things in life. Human life is full of unlimited desires and dreams. We always run to enjoy a luxurious life and we miss the present days which we spend wastefully in the worries of future. At least live today and enjoy whatever you are blessed with. Think of those who are less blessed than you and pay your gratitude to God instead of complaining always for what you didn’t have. Take time to appreciate day-to-day life and never ignore it in the busyness of life.


Live an Authentic life without worrying about what other people think of you. Honor your good qualities and avoid being dishonest, manipulative and a sadist. Try your best to live up to your expectations rather than living according to the guidance of others. Follow your heart and realize your potential to benefit yourself as well as people around you. Respect the rights and needs of others along with yours before it gets too late. Remember if we respect others, we get respected. Maximize your strengths to make your life authentic in a real sense.

Sense of Justice, compassion, and care

Develop the Sense of Justice, compassion, and care for all to prevent acts of injustice or unethical behavior. Never judge anyone in haste without going deep into the matter and jump to conclusions. Such hasty decisions make your personality annoying and rude and hence bitter the relations. So, listen, understand, and then conclude and pass the decisions. Be a caring person, not a cold hearted one and respect all.


Behave Creatively and look at things with new and broad view. Be an idea maker instead of a problem creator. Guide self as well as others to solve the issues. Stop mocking and enjoying the troubles in others life in fact help them to solve and untangle the issues. Be creative and innovative in your approach to make the life comfortable and enjoyable. Be an ideal advisor whom people can come and get guidance.

Sense of humanity

Adopt the Sense of humanity and live a grounded life which remains in touch with actual possibilities. Have a wider look and deep feelings for all to treat the world as a whole. Go beyond your limitations and help each other to preach humanity as soul trait of human personality. Adopt the charitable attitude and do good to all to live in an improved society.


Hope to see a big change in your personality with all these measures. But remember self-realization is a lifelong unstoppable process that goes till last. It is a never-ending hard game to accomplish. So never stop trying to achieve the different levels of this game to win and be a good person. Being good doesn’t mean to pretend good before others but be true in your inner self. Be someone, who doesn’t have any remorse and guilt. Infact, make yourself satisfied in all the spheres of life. This is the only secret of happy life where you never complain but show your gratitude for whatever you are blessed with.

How can we realize true self to make our personality better?
Amarpreet Kaur <br>Editor -
Amarpreet Kaur
Editor –

A step towards personality grooming to live a better life

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