Human Life Values


Mughal School

Krishna lifting mount Govardhan- 

@ Stay united with your group for facing a calamity.

@ Keep your loyalty to the leader and your team.

@ Leader is responsible to guard his people.

@ Respects and tolerance for other religions for social harmony (Mughal ruler got a painting made on a Hindu theme).

Kabir and raidas- 

@ Simple living and high thinking.

@ Humanity.

@ No superficial life style.

@ Two religious leaders in a peaceful exchange of ideas with out competing for supremacy.

@Dignity of labor – no work is small or menial .

@ Oneness of divine though means and ways to reach him differ.

Marriage procession of Dara Shikoh-

@ Discipline in the conduct.

@ Mutual respect for each other in the bride and groom’s family.

@ Welcome the guests with an openhearted.             

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