HUman life Values

Maru Ragini

@ Love and devotion of the royal couple for each other, 
@ Loyalty of the attendants toward there master. 
@ They are accompanying him to ensure his well-being.  

Krishna on swing

@ love and devotion of the divine couple, as an example for everyone. 
@ Eagerness to have a dialogue to resolve the matter, 
@ Goodwill amongst friends and followers who can help as mediators to help break the ice and put an end to fight.

Bharat meets Rama at chitrkut

@ love and devotion amongst family members.@ Forgiveness as a virtue (Rama holds no grudges against kaikeyi)
@ Respect of elders.
@ Obedience to follow the direction of the parents.
@ To be patient to listen to the advice of the people wiser than you (Rama listening attentively to his gurus)
@ Ability to sacrifice your own comforts for others.
@ Do not do things that you will repent later (kaikeyi asks for Rama’s exile and realizes her mistek letter.

Chaugan players

@Sports as  a source of recreation for a healthy and fulfilling life.

@ Teamwork towards a common goal.

@ Develop a sense of healthy competition to get better in all fields.

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