Kamlesh Dutt is a scholar,educationist, writer and painter  of his time. He was the follower of “sameekhshabadi” art movement for which they gathered inspiration from Indian culture and philosophy. “sameekhshbad”is the first indigenous art movement in modern India started in 1974. This art movement was started by prof.Ramchandra Shukla (1925-2016) ,an eminent painter, art critic, educationist and writer.he was H.O.D Painting,faculty of visual arts , Bananas Hindu University, Varanasi. 

These painters are motivated by day to day happenings and are sensitive to political and social scenario in which they live.it’s basic purpose is to supervise the role of art so that it can inspire, educate and awaken people  for a better life and style. The social , political and economic problem of India so depressing. Life  is becoming insecure and helpless. Poverty, caste system, dowry system, gambling and drinking are at heights. They paint on such subjects in symbolic and satirical language. Never before satire is used as an important way of doing painting which awaken people to fight against the evils of the society. “sameekshabadi” artist are  R.N. Mishra, S.K. Singh, R.S. Dhir , V.P. Mishra, G.M. Chaturvedi and Bala Dutt Pandey etc. he was rewarded for his research work on “Bhartiya kala mein nari chitran”.