Katyayani Agrwal


Katyayani Agrwal (MFA)


3rd Online Art Competition, Passerine Foundation. 2018

3rd Kala Perished Department of Fine Arts, Kurukshetra University, 2015

Best Artist Merit Awarded by The Doon Valley Public school, 2013-14

2012-13 – 1st Excellence in Art by D.V.P.S, Deoband, Saharanpur.

As an art learner, it is very important for me to admire “The Aroma Of My Imagination”. Beauty of my imagination arises with the aroma of my Life, Thoughts & Emotions.

The power of Imagination is always the base of My Creations and My Reality. My Artworks always bring the sense of imaginative aroma into reality. Becoming a neutral human being at one Stage arises the power of my Imagination. Neutralization give freedom to my mind to create a beauty on the various mediums. The main essence took place when my Imagination coordinates with my Emotions

& Thoughts. Being a child was the very base where I learn to flow with colours & emotions.

At the end, I always ask myself about the essence of aroma I get through my work. Because for me, Art is an internal process more than a external process.

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