Mcq’s 5

  1. Which school of artists mostly do not write their names on the painting?

A. Mughal school

B. Pahari School

C. Decani School

D. Rajasthani School

2. What is the “Baburnama”?

A. Painting

B. Miniature

C. Illustration

D. None

3. Mughal saltant in India started with this Mughal empire

A. Razia Sultan

B. Akbar

C. Mohammad Gauri

D. Babur

4.  What is the “Razmnama”?

A. Ramayana

B. Mahabharat

C. Bhagavat

D. Geeta

 5.Which coloring technique is mostly used by the Bengali artist?

A. Tempera

B. Wash

C. Oil color

D. Mix media

6. Which color reflects “courage and sacrifice” in Indian national flag?

A. Prussian blue

B. white

C. saffron

D. Green

7. According your syllabus the development of Indian national flag was in

A. one phase

B. Two phas

C. Three phase

D. Four phase

8.  Who is the designer of Indian national flag?

A. Venkaiah Penglai

B. R. N. Tagore

C. Nand Lal Bose

D. Mahatma Gandhi

9. Raslila(a Painting) is made by

A. Manku

B. Majumdar

C. Nanisukh

D. M.A.R. Chughatai

10. Who made “Tiller of the soil”?

A. A. N. Tagore

B. G.N Tagore

C. Nand Lal Bose

D. R.N Tagore

11. The use of “wash and tempera technique” which became the hall mark of the

A. Bengali school

B. Rajasthani school

C. Modern school (trends)

D. None

12. Who made the painting ‘mother and child”?

A. Jamini Roy

B. Amrita shergill

C. Gagnendra Nath Tagore

D. Anupam sud

13. “Cries unheard” is a

A. Painting 

B. Graphic Print

C. Sculpture

D. Miniature

14. Who painted “Rama Vanquishing the pride of ocean”?

A. Avnindra Nath

B. Ram Gopal Vijy Vergiya

C. Ravi Verma

D. M.F. Hussain

15. which effect is shown by “White” color in Indian National Flag?

A. Knowledge and bravery

B. Depression and ego

C. Royalty and Coolness

D. Peace and Light