Mcq’s 6

1. The title “Meghdoot” painted by

A. M.R.A.Chughtai

B. Ram Gopal Vijayvargiya

C. Nand Lal Bose

D. A.N. Tagore

2.Which main person is responsible for bringing Bengal school of miniature painting?

A. Nand lal bose

B. A. koomar swami

C. E. V. Havell

D. R.N. Tagore

3.“Journey’s end” made by

A. R. N. Tagore

B. N. L. Bose

C. A.N. Tagore

D. None

4.Kshitindra Nath Majumdar a Bengali Artist made the painting

A. Megdoot

B. Raslila

C. Tiller of the soil

D. Arjun detach war

5..A symbol of “trust and peace” in Indian National Flag 

A. Saffron color

B. Charkha

C. White color

D. Green color

6..Jamini Roy was a

A. Sculptor

B. Painter

C. Graphic Artist

D. None

7.How many colors are used in National Flag of India?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

8.Which painting technique was Innovated by Bengal school

A. Tempera technique

B. Oil color technique

C. Wash technique

D. None

9. Which one a Contemporary Painter

A. Nand Lal Bose

B. Ravi Verma

C. Dana

D. Anupam sud

10. Who has painted “The Vulture”?

A. A.N. Tagore

B. Sharda Charan ukil

C. Kamlesh Dutt

D. K. S. Panikkar

11. What is the meaning of profile face   

A. Ek chashma

B.Do chashma

C. One and half chasma

D. Front pose

12.“Of wall” is a

A. Painting

B. Graphic Prints

C. Sculpture

D. Miniature Painting

13.Sculpture “Chaturmukhi” Made by

A. Laxma Gaud

B. Jyoti Bhatt

C. Ram Kinker Baij

D. None 

13. Anupam Sud is a

A. Contemporary Painter

B. Painter

C. Graphic Artist

D. Sculptor

14. Who expresses about “kundalini shakti” in his artwork?

A. Janki Ram

B. Laxma Gaud

C. Jyoti Bhatt

D. Ram Kinker Baij

15. Which art work of D. P. Roy Chaudhary is in your syllabus?

A. Santhal Family

B. Tiller of the soil

C. Triumph of the labour

D. Chaturmukhi