Mcq’s 7

1. “Whirlpool” is a

A. Painting

B. Miniature Painting

C. Graphic print

D. Sculpture

2.Which great sculpture made by Ram Kinker Baij

A.  Triumph of labor

B. Cries unheard

C. Santhal Family

D. Radhika

3.Which art work created by P.V. Janki Ram

 A. of walls

 B. Children

 C. Ganesh

 D. Devi

4.“Man, woman and tree” is created by

 A. Krishna Reddy

 B. Anupam sud

 C. K laxma Gaud

 D. P.V. Janki Ram

5.Which painting was Made by Amrita shergil

A. Haldi Grinders

B. Children

C. Radhika

D. Behind the wall

6.Aekka Yada Giri Rao has made a sculpture

A. Vanshree

B. Triumph of labor

C. Ganesa

D. Chaturmukhi

7.How many elements of art are followed in Indian painting?

A. 7

B. 4

C. 6

D. 9

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