1.“Hindu” is Miniature Painting known as 

A. Pahari Miniature Painting   

B. Rajasthani Miniature Painting 

C. Jain Miniature Painting 

D. Deccan Miniature Painting 

2. Nihal Chand made the painting

A. Bani Thani

B. Chaugan Players

C. Nand Yashoda and Krishna with kinsmen going to Vrindavan

D. Maru Ragini

3.Which school of miniature painting has mostly composed light picturization with dark background?

A. Rajasthani School

B. Bengali school

C. Mughal School

D. Deccan school

4.“Krishna with Gopi’s” belongs to which sub school of Pahari school of miniature painting?

A. Basohli

B. Kangra

C. Chamba

D. Guler

5. Artist “Dana” has made the painting

A. Krishna on swing

B. Chaugan players

C. Bharat meet Rama at chitrkut

D. Maru Ragini

6. “Sahibdin” was a legend from which sub school of Rajasthani school of miniature painting? 

A. Kishangarh

B. Bundi

C. Jaipur

D. Mewar

7. What is the “chamba”?

A. Medium

B. Sub School

C. Painting

D. Painter

8.How many figures are there in the painting “Krishna on swing”?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 5

D. 4

9. A postal stamp was issued by the Indian government based on which famous Rajasthani miniature painting.

A. Raja Anirudh Singh hora

B. Maru Ragini

C. Radha Bani Thani

D. Krishna on swing

10.What is “Geet Govinda”?

A. Illustration

B. Painting

C. Holy Book

D. None

11.Who made Nand Yashoda and Krishna with kinsmen going to Vrindavan?

A. Manku

B. Nainsukh

C. Nihal Chand

D. Utkal Ram

12.What is the medium of Rajasthani school of miniature painting?

A. Acrylic colour

B. Earth colour

C. Tempera (water colour)

D. Oil colour

13.How many human figures are shown in “Bharat meets Rama at chitrkut”?

A. 39

B. 49

C. 29

D. 19

14. “Sahibdin” has made a beautiful painting of –

A. Raja Anirudh Singh Hira

B. Krishna looking into the mirror

C. Maru Ragini

D. Chaugan Players

15. “Krishna on Swing” is from this sub school of Rajasthani school of miniature painting?

A. Mewar

B. Bikaner

C. Kishangarh

D. Bundi

16.  Which painting is not from Rajasthani School of miniature painting?

A. Radhika

B. Radha Bani Thani

C.  Bharat meets Rama at chitrakut 

D. Raja Aniruddha Singh Hora

17. which painting is from “Jaipur” sub school of miniature painting?

A. Bharat meets Rama at Citrkut     

B. Radha Bani Thani 

C. Nand Yashoda and Krishna with kinsmen going to Vrindavan

D. Raja Anirudh Singh Hora

18. Which painting is known as “Indian Monalisa”?

A. Radhika 

B. Radha Bani Thani

C. Mother Teresa

D. Ragini patmashika

19. Kishan Garh sub school belongs to which school of miniature painting.

A. Rajasthani school

B. Pahari school

C. Mughal School

D. Deccan School

20. How many polo sticks have been shown in the painting “Chaugan players”? 

A. 8

B. 6

C. 4

D. 7

21. The time period of Rajasthani School is

A. 17th to 18th Century 

B. 16th or 17th to 19th century

C. 18th to 19th century

D. 12th to 14th Century

22. The great painter Nihalchand of Rajasthani School belongs to which sub school?

A. Mewar

B. Bundi 

C. Kishangarh

D. Bikaner

23. The artist of “Radha Bnai Thani” 

A. Sahibdin

B. Nain Sukh

C. Manku

D. Nihal Chand

24.  Who ruled the state of “kishan garh” after Kishan Singh

A. Vit pal

B. Sawant Singh

C. Sansar Chand

D. Raja Raj Singh

25. “Bhakti cult” is related to which school of Miniature painting?

A. Pala Miniature painting

B. Apbhransha Miniature painting

C. Rajasthani Miniature painting

D. None of above

26. “Krishna on Swing” is made by 

A. Sahib din

B. Nihal Chand 

C. Nooruddin

D. Runukuddin

27. Who made “Bharat meets Rama at chitrakut”?

A. Dana

B. Utkal Ram

C. Daulat

D. Gumman

28. The artist “Manku” belonged to which sub school of Pahari school of miniature painting

A. Chamba

B. Guler

C. Kangra 

D. Basohli

29. “Kangra” Style has been developed out of which school?

A. Basohli

B. Chamba 

C. Guler

D. Mandi

30.Who made the “Nand Yashoda and Krishna with kinsmen going to Vrindavan”?

A. Manku

B. Nainsukh

C. Nihal Chand

D. Utkl Ram

31. Which specialty is shown in Rajasthani school of miniature painting? 

A. Crowded scene

B. Flatness

C. Depicting Krishna Lila

D. None

32.“Krishna with Gopies” belongs to which sub school

A. Kangra

B. Chamba

C. Guler

D. Basohli 

33.  Nooruddin made a painting 

A. Krishna Lifting Mount Goverdhana

B. Krishna on swing

C. Krishna with Gopies 

D. Rslila 

34. which painting has depicted a central subject as “King and Queen”? 

A. Krishna Lila

B. Maru Ragini

C. Krishna on swing

D. None

35.“Geet Govinda” is written by

A. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

B. Ballabhacharya

C. Jaidev

D. None

36. What is “Guler”?

A. Medium

B. Sub School

C. Painting

D. Artist

37. Now Udaipur (Rajasthan) was known As

A. Bundi

B. Malwa

C. Mewar

D. Chittaud

38. Who made the painting “Raja Anirudh Singh Hira”?

A. Dana

B. Utkal Ram

C. Sahindin

D. Manku

39. Nihal Chand was the chief artist in which king’s court

A. Raj Singh

B. Kishan Singh

C. Sawant Singh

D. Dharm Pal

40.“Vaishnav Sampradaya” is the part of

A. Jain miniature

B. Pala Miniature

C. Pahari miniature

D. Rajasthani Miniature

41. Which painting was Made by Manku ?

A. Krishna with gopies 

B. Krishna on swing 

C. Krishna Lila

D. None

42. Identify the sub school of Pahari miniature painting

A. Mewar

B. Bundi

C. Guler

D. Kishangarh

43. Which artist belongs to Kangra sub school?

A. Manku

B. Daulat

C. Miskin

D. Nainsukh

44. Who is Sansar Chand?

A. King

B. Painter

C. Servant

D. Poet

45.The face shown in the painting “Krishna on swing” are in which pose 

A. Front pose

B. Side pose

C. One and half pose

D. None

46.who is responsible for development of “bhakti cult” in Rajasthan?

A. Ballabhacharya

B. Kishan Singh

C. Rajput Kings

D. None

47.Who made “Indian Monalisa” in Rajasthani miniature painting?

A. Nain sukh

B. Nihal Chand

C. Nand Lal Bose

D. M.F. Husain

48.  Which pose of face is mostly depicted in Rajasthani school of miniature painting?  

A. Side pose

B. Front pose

C. Back pose

D. None

49. The great artist “Gumman” belongs to which sub school of Rajasthani school of miniature painting

A. Bundi

B. Bikaner

C. Ajmer

D. Jaipur

50. Nagri Das was a

A. king

B. Servant

C. Sculptor

D. none

51.What is the time period of Mughal school of miniature painting?

A. 15th to 18th Century

B. 13th to 16th Century

C. 19th to 20th Century

D. None

52.Who is the founder of Mughal Empire in India?

A. Babur

B. Akbar

C. Humayun

D. Adil Shah

53.Which religion was started by Akbar?

A. Deen- e Ilahi

B. Zaziya

C. Iman

D. None

54.Which Mughal empire ‘s ruling period was known as “Peak Period” of Mughal school?

A. Akbar

B. Shahjahan

C. Jahangir

D. Humayun

55.Which special effect can be seen mostly in Mughal miniatures?

A. Dark Back ground

B. Crowded scene

C. Greenery

D. Front pose of face

56.What is the time period of Bengal school of miniature painting?

A. Above mid of 19th century

B. 18th century

C. Above mid of 18th century

D. None

57.Ustad Mansoor a Mughal painter was famous as a

A. Landscapist

B. Animal Painter

C. Bird Artist

D. None

58.Identify the painter of Mughal court

A. Bihzad

B. Manku

C. Nihal Chand

D. Nooruddin

59.Who is the painter of “Birth of Salim”?

A. Miskin

B. Ram Das

C. Mir Saiyyad Ali

D. Jamini Roy

60.Who made the painting “Kabir and Raidas”?

A. Miskin

B. Nooruddin

C. Daulat

D. Ustad Faquirullah khan

61. Which school of artists mostly do not write their names on the painting?

A. Mughal school

B. Pahari School

C. Decani School

D. Rajasthani School

62. What is the “Baburnama”?

A. Painting

B. Miniature

C. Illustration

D. None

63. Mughal saltant in India started with this Mughal empire

A. Razia Sultan

B. Akbar

C. Mohammad Gauri

D. Babur

64.  What is the “Razmnama”?

A. Ramayana

B. Mahabharat

C. Bhagavat

D. Geeta

65.Which colouring technique is mostly used by the Bengali artist?

A. Tempera

B. Wash

C. Oil colour

D. Mix media

66. Which colour reflects “courage and sacrifice” in Indian national flag?

A. Prussian blue

B. white

C. saffron

D. Green

67. According your syllabus the development of Indian national flag was in

A. one phase

B. Two phase

C. Three phase

D. Four phase

68.  Who is the designer of Indian national flag?

A. Venkaiah Penglai

B. R. N. Tagore

C. Nand Lal Bose

D. Mahatma Gandhi

69. Raslila(a Painting) is made by

A. Manku

B. Majumdar

C. Nanisukh

D. M.A.R. Chughatai

70. Who made “Tiller of the soil”?

A. A. N. Tagore

B. G.N Tagore

C. Nand Lal Bose

D. R.N Tagore

71. The use of “wash and tempera technique” which became the hall mark of the

A. Bengali school

B. Rajasthani school

C. Modern school (trends)

D. None

72. Who made the painting ‘mother and child”?

A. Jamini Roy

B. Amrita shergill

C. Gagnendra Nath Tagore

D. Anupam sud

73. “Cries unheard” is a

A. Painting

B. Graphic Print

C. Sculpture

D. Miniature

74. Who painted “Rama Vanquishing the pride of ocean”?

A. Avnindra Nath

B. Ram Gopal Vijy Vergiya

C. Ravi Verma

D. M.F. Hussain

75. which effect is shown by “White” color in Indian National Flag?

A. Knowledge and bravery

B. Depression and ego

C. Royalty and Coolness

D. Peace and Light

76. The title “Meghdoot” painted by

A. M.R.A.Chughtai

B. Ram Gopal Vijayvargiya

C. Nand Lal Bose

D. A.N. Tagore

77.Which main person is responsible for bringing Bengal school of miniature painting?

A. Nand lal bose

B. A. koomar swami

C. E. V. Havell

D. R.N. Tagore

78.“Journey’s end” made by

A. R. N. Tagore

B. N. L. Bose

C. A.N. Tagore

D. None

79.Kshitindra Nath Majumdar a Bengali Artist made the painting

A. Megdoot

B. Raslila

C. Tiller of the soil

D. Arjun detach war

80. A symbol of “trust and peace” in Indian National Flag

A. Saffron colour

B. Charkha

C. White colour

D. Green colour

81. Jamini Roy was a

A. Sculptor

B. Painter

C. Graphic Artist

D. None

82.How many colours are used in National Flag of India?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

83.Which painting technique was Innovated by Bengal school

A. Tempera technique

B. Oil color technique

C. Wash technique

D. None

84. Which one a Contemporary Painter

A. Nand Lal Bose

B. Ravi Verma

C. Dana

D. Anupam sud

85. Who has painted “The Vulture”?

A. A.N. Tagore

B. Sharda Charan ukil

C. Kamlesh Dutt

D. K. S. Panikkar

86. What is the meaning of profile face  

A. Ek chashma

B.Do chashma

C. One and half chasma

D. Front pose

87.“Of wall” is a

A. Painting

B. Graphic Prints

C. Sculpture

D. Miniature Painting

88.Sculpture “Chaturmukhi” Made by

A. Laxma Gaud

B. Jyoti Bhatt

C. Ram Kinker Baij

D. None

90. Anupam Sud is a

A. Contemporary Painter

B. Painter

C. Graphic Artist

D. Sculptor

91. Who expresses about “kundalini shakti” in his artwork?

A. Janki Ram

B. Laxma Gaud

C. Jyoti Bhatt

D. Ram Kinker Baij

92. Which art work of D. P. Roy Chaudhary is in your syllabus?

A. Santhal Family

B. Tiller of the soil

C. Triumph of the labour

D. Chaturmukhi

93. “Whirlpool” is a

A. Painting

B. Miniature Painting

C. Graphic print

D. Sculpture

94.Which great sculpture made by Ram Kinker Baij

A.  Triumph of labor

B. Cries unheard

C. Santhal Family

D. Radhika

95. Which art work created by P.V. Janki Ram

A. of walls

B. Children

C. Ganesh

D. Devi

96 .“Man, woman and tree” is created by

A. Krishna Reddy

B. Anupam sud

C. K laxma Gaud

D. P.V. Janki Ram

97.Which painting was Made by Amrita shergil

A. Haldi Grinders

B. Children

C. Radhika

D. Behind the wall

98.Aekka Yada Giri Rao has made a sculpture

A. Vanshree

B. Triumph of labour

C. Ganesa

D. Chaturmukhi

99.How many elements of art are followed in Indian painting?

A. 7

B. 4

C. 6

D. 9

100. what type of themes are depicted in miniature painting?

A. Portraits   

B. Abstract

C. Landscape

D. Story

101. what is another name of Rajasthani school of painting?

A. Mewar art

B. Rajput art

C. Bikaner art

D. None

102. what does the colour “blue “in our National flag symbolize?

 A. Prosperity

 B. Peace

 C. Truthfulness

 D. Culture

103. Which school of painting was known as Indian renascence?

A. Rajasthani School

B. Modern trends era

C. Bengal School

D. Pala School

104.  Who is contemporary artist (painter)

A.N.L. Bose

B.A.N. Tagore

C. Ravi Verma

D. Amarnath Sehgal

105. Who has made “cries un heard”?

A. Krishna Reddy

B. Amarnath sehgal

C. P.V.Janki Ram

D. Anupam sud

106. “Som Nath Hore” is a 

A. Painter

B. Graphic artist

C. Sculpture

D. None

107. Shiva and sati is made by

A. A.N. Tagore

B. Ravi Verma

C. N.L.Bose

D. M.A.R.Chughtai

108. “Dhiman” is the responsible for

A. Central miniature painting

B. Pahari miniature painting

C. Pala miniature painting

D. Jain miniature painting

109. Today Mewar known as

A. Mewar

B. Baroda

C. Udaipur

D. Ahmedabad

110. Wash technique belongs to

A. Pala Miniature Painting

B. Limbs of art

C. Modern Trends

D. Bengal school

111. Which creation of Ram Kinker Baij?

A. Of walls

B. Children

C. Santhal Family

D. Triumph of lebore