31. Which specialty is shown in Rajasthani school of miniature painting?  

A. Crowded scene 

B. Flatness

C. Depicting Krishna Lila

D. None

32.“Krishna with Gopies” belongs to which sub school

A. Kangra 

B. Chamba 

C. Guler

D. Basohli  

33.  Nooruddin made a painting  

A. Krishna Lifting Mount Goverdhana

B. Krishna on swing 

C. Krishna with Gopies  

D. Rslila  

34. which painting has depicted a central subject as “King and Queen”?  

A. Krishna Lila 

B. Maru Ragini

C. Krishna on swing

D. None

35.“Geet Govinda” is written by

A. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu 

B. Ballabhacharya

C. Jaidev

D. None

36. What is “Guler”?

A. Medium

B. Sub School

C. Painting

D. Artist

37. Now Udaipur (Rajasthan) was known As 

A. Bundi 

B. Malwa

C. Mewar

D. Chittaud 

38. Who made the painting “Raja Anirudh Singh Hira”?

A. Dana

B. Utkal Ram 

C. Sahindin

D. Manku

39. Nihal Chand was the chief artist in which king’s court

A. Raj Singh

B. Kishan Singh

C. Sawant Singh

D. Dharm Pal

40.“Vaishnav Sampradaya” is the part of

A. Jain miniature

B. Pala Miniature

C. Pahari miniature

D. Rajasthani Miniature

41. Which painting was Made by Manku ?

A. Krishna with gopies  

B Krishna on swing  

C. Krishna Lila

D. None 

42. Identify the sub school of Pahari miniature painting

A Mewar

B. Bundi

C. Guler 

D. Kishangarh

43. Which artist belongs to Kangra sub school?

A. Manku

B. Daulat

C. Miskin

D. Nainsukh 

44. Who is Sansar Chand? 

A. King

B. Painter

C. Servant

D. Poet

45.The face shown in the painting “Krishna on swing” are in which pose  

A. Front pose

B. Side pose

C. One and half pose

D. None

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