How become a best seller

In today’s era, the entire market of the world is limited in online and here all kinds of general and special products are sold easily. By becoming successful sellers of online, you can also earn more profit by elevating your business. For this, you should adopt all the methods that people are using today to climb the ranks of success. You can also become a successful seller by using them, you should use the following methods.

The merchant should focus on the following things for best results of the sale of his product

1. The product picture should be of a high order, so that the product is not cropped anywhere.

2. Take the picture with the help of clear label.

3. At least four pictures from different angles of a product should also be taken so that the customer can get more and more information about the product.

4. The more attractive the picture, the higher the chances of selling the product.

5. Product details should be presented in such a way that the customer is satisfied about the product and can be motivated to buy.

6. There is no possibility of return of the product due to the clarity of the details.

7. Often, the returns are those products which lack details or ambiguities.

8. Some products also have accessories, for example a mobile charger with its own wire. In this type of products, details of both or all items should be clear and complete.

In the end, it is the suggestion for the merchant that the presentation of your product should be made through the picture and description in such a way that it can impress the customer and thus the merchant can easily sell his normal item by making it attractive.

To join LLM as a merchant, 15 products of the same category must be made available to be displayed. The merchant should provide the main image of each of his products along with three additional images from different angles.

Merchant must Provide maximum details about the product along with your product image. So that the customer can easily get satisfied knowing about the product.

Provide Three fixed prices (net price selling price and MRP) of the product along with product images and descriptions. Net price should be 10 to 12% more or less than the selling price.

In the description of your product, the merchant should provide the actual information about the product, so that the possibility of its return can be eliminated.

Keeping the above facts in mind, LLM’s sales team selects the product for display.

LLM’s sales team notifies the merchant within the next two hours when the product is sold at LLM, the merchant is responsible for making the product available at LLM’s designated collection center within three hours.

The bill of product provided by the merchant in the collection center of LLM should be deducted in the name of LLM, after inspection of the product and bill etc. is forwarded to the customer.

According to the return policy of LLM, the customer is given a refund within three days, so the merchant has a seven-day schedule to pay for his product.

Return policy is applicable only if there is a difference between the details of the product displayed and the actual product. Apart from this, there is no relation of change of mind while taking any other product.

Merchant Contract

 Generally, the possibility of return of the product from the customer of LLM is minimal yet (in case of non-production of the product according to the details / change of product due to the mistake of the merchant / delay of scheduled time (etc.). Possibility is formed; therefore, the above things should always be taken care of by the merchant. In these situations, the merchant will be held responsible for the return.

The product given by the merchant for display in LLM should be available in stock. If the displayed product is not available in stock after it is sold from LLM, it will negatively affect the reliability of the LLM. In this situation, LLM is free to fill the notice by sending legal notice to the merchant.

The merchant is free to sell his displayed product through his establishment or any other means, but in case he does not have stock, the merchant should send an immediate request to remove his product from display.

Merchants can display any of their products on LLM for 30 days.

The price of the product provided by the merchant to LLM should be minimum, as LLM is committed to provide any product to its customers at a lower price than the market.

The product provided by the merchant LLM cannot be sold by any means other than its establishment or less than the minimum price of the product set by it. If this is found, the merchant’s account will be suspended from LLM and banned for future.

Any product sold by LLM (cash on delivery / EMI / home delivery) etc. is not provided. But according to the merchant’s convenience and consent, this facility can be made available, for this the responsibility of the expenditure etc. will be that of the merchant.

For product delivery, LLM arranges for product distribution through one or more collection centers in the city.

Merchant is free to offer (flat offer / coupon commission / other product along with any other product or any other scheme) as per their convenience. We only use our exclusive channels to promote the merchant’s product, yet if the merchant asks for additional promotions (Google Market / Facebook / Instagram / Tweeter / Flip cart / Amazon / eBay etc.) then he has to pay for the same.

Every Merchant have to take subscription (600/= half yearly or 1000/= annual) to sell their products on Laqueer.

Every Product provided by Merchant to selling on Laqueer which selling price must included GST (related standards)  

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