Merchant’s benefits from using LLM

By Laqueer local market, (LLM) it means that the area of ​​circumference of 4 km from the LLM collection centre.

The merchant’s latest and featured products reach customers across the region.

The products sold on LLM are paid to the merchant by bank transfer / UPI / debit / credit card within a fixed period. LLM provides a complete marketplace for merchants who produce their products (under home industry, boutiques and home decor etc.).

By joining LLM, the merchant gets rid of the price of his product and its time waste and stress. Through LLM, a merchant and customer relationship are formed, thereby increasing the merchant’s business.

LLM usually gives priority to products related to electrical, electronics, mobiles, gadgets, accessories, home decor, beauty, fashion, footwear and jewelry etc.

Any product sold by LLM (cash on delivery / EMI / ) etc. is not provided to customer.

Generally, there is a collection center of laqueer in the city from where all the purchased products will be distributed to costumers. But if costumers have purchased a product of more 400/= than laqueer will provide it through home delivery.  

Generally home delivery of any LLM products /cakes delivered between 3 pm to 10 pm daily.

But according to the merchant’s convenience and consent, this facility can be made available, for this the responsibility of the expenditure etc. will be that of the merchant.

For product delivery, LLM arranges for product distribution through one or more collection centers in the city.

According to the return policy of LLM, the customer is given a refund within three days, so the merchant has a seven-day schedule to pay for his product.

Return policy is applicable only if there is a difference between the details of the product displayed and the actual product. Apart from this, there is no relation of change of mind while taking any other product.

Customer’s benefits from LLM

LLM informs customers about the latest products available in the market.

LLM Provides maximum details of products displayed on it, making it easy for customers to understand the product.

Products purchased from LLM become available to the customer within six hours at LLM’s local collection center.

The quality of the products displayed on LLM is high and assured.

Products displayed on LLM are available at a lower price than the market.

The customer does not have to wander to different establishments in the market to get his favorite product.

Customers have the full right of return if the product description is different.

Customers can choose any easy payment system (UPI / Bank Transfer / Debit / Credit Card /Bhim App / Google Pay) to buy their favorite product.

In’s various policies, LLM’s policies are set differently according to the locally available conditions, since local market products are made available in it (LLM’s policies for sales / return / merchant and marketing / payment) etc. are only effective In the event of any dispute, the decision of LLM ( will be final and valid to both (merchant / customer).