Revised for 2022-23

Note- As par latest syllabus the theory paper has been reduced to 30marks and Practical exam increased to 70 marks   

 PAINTING (Code No. 049)         CLASS–XII (2022-23)

Unit 1

(a) The Rajasthani School:

1.     Origin and Development

2.     Sub-Schools-Mewar, Bundi, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Kishangarh and Jaipur

3.     Main features of the Rajasthani School

4.      Appreciation of the following Rajasthani paintings

Chaugan PlayersDanaJodhpur
Krishna on swingNuruddinBikaner
Radha (Bani- Thani)Nihal ChandKishangarh
Bharat Meets Rama at ChitrakutaGummanJaipur

(b)The Pahari School:

1.     Origin and development

2.     Sub-Schools-Basohali, Guler, Kangra, Chamba and Garhwal

3.     Main features of the Pahari School

4.     Appreciation of the following Pahari paintings:

Krishna with Gopis Nand, Yashoda andManakuBasohli
Krishna with Kinsmen Going to VrindavanNainsukhKangra

Unit 2

The Mughal and Deccan Schools of Miniature Painting                                               

(16th Century AD to 19th Century A.D.)

(a) The Mughal School

1.     Origin and development

2.     Main features of the Mughal School

3.     Appreciation of the following Mughal Paintings:

Title                                                                                                              Painter

Krishna Lifting Mount Govardhan                                                            Miskin

Falcon on a Bird-Rest                                                                               Ustad Mansoor

Kabir and Raids                                                                                        Ustad Faquirullah

Khan Marriage Procession of Dara Shikoh                                               Haji Madni

(b) The Deccan School

1.     Origin and development

2.     Main features of the Deccan School

3.     Appreciation of the following Deccan paintings:

Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya and Amir KhusroUnknownHyderabad
Chand Bibi Playing Polo (Chaugan)UnknownGol Konda

Unit – 3

  1. The Bengal School of Painting and the Modern trends in Indian Art

            (About the beginning to mid of the 20th Century)

A – National Flag of India and the Symbolic significance of its forms and the colors.

B – Introduction to the Bengal School of Painting

(i) Origin and development of the Bengal School of Painting

(ii)       Main features of the Bengal School of Painting

(III).     Appreciation of the following Bengal School paintings

Journey’s EndAbanindranath Tagore
Shiv and SatiNandlaL Bose
RadhikaM. A. R. Chughtai
MeghdootRam Gopal Vijaivargiya

C – Contribution of Indian artists in the struggle for National Freedom Movement

2 – Modern Trends (Contemporary/modern painting)

 Appreciation of the following contemporary (Modern) Indian Art

Rama Vanquishing the Pride of the OceanRaja Ravi Varma
Mother and childJamini Roy
Haldi GrindersAmrita Sher Gill
Mother TeresaM.F. Husain

Graphic Prints

ChildrenSomnath Hore
DeviJyoti Bhatt
Of WallsAnupam Sud
Man, Woman and Tree –K. Laxma Goud


Triumph of LaborD. P. Roy Chowdhury
Santhal FamilyRamkinkar Vaij
Cries Un – heardAmar Nath Sehgal
GanesaP.V. Janaki Ram

The names of artists and titles of their artworks as listed above are only suggestive and in no way exhaustive. Teachers and students should expand this according to their own resources. However, the questions will be set from the above-mentioned artworks only.