Need of Disciplined Youth for our country

“A well disciplined and skilled youth is the stem of a strong and developed nation as well as its society”.

‘Virtue’ is not mere a word, it has the power to bring positive change in one’s character that ultimately can change the fate of the nation. The old India was full of such virtuous characters as our leaders who guided our generations to lead a well disciplined life which must have a meaning/purpose to serve the nation towards development. They taught us to live as an embodiment of noblest virtue and heroic adherences to goodness. They asked us to stand up and express the divinity within us; to have courage to think differently, to invent, to discover the impossible and to conquer the problems with victory. The great leaders as Swami Vivekanand and APJ Abdul Kalam had dreamt a brighter and developed nation full of creative and noble youth who could sacrifice their own comforts for the good of their people.

But all these teachings, the work done by such leaders, their preachings are all in vain if not transferred to the next generations to achieve their dream. With each passing year we are becoming inhuman as well as undisciplined and causing great damage to the people around us. The moral ethics are so badly degraded these days that imagining a new version of Swami Vivakanand, Bhagat Singh, APJ Abdul Kalam or else is just a dream.

Has anyone ever thought why do we always give examples of great personalities from our historical list of respected characters only? Why do we have very few such exemplary figures in recent times? Think of India without scientists, inventors, philosophers, doctors etc. who would contribute to their nation build up. Are we going to import all these service providers from other nations as we do import other useful products?

What is needed tomorrow –

must be looked at today. If we dream to be the strongest, we must have to start creating good and noble characters. The responsibility of this ‘Dream World’, a new version of all virtuous characters lies on the shoulders of our parents as well as teachers. Together, they can build today’s generation an epitome of virtue before the world. Their combined efforts can make the youth a better citizen who will further can bring positive and safe environment.

Hope –

for better is considered to be the new beginning. To live a quality life in New World with bright future of all we need to start our work of character building from the very time we realize our responsibility. Being a parent and teacher too, I pledge to make my children the best citizens who would contribute to the best of their society and nation. I believe that all the elders today must initiate to help the nation growing like a fruit bearing tree than a poisonous tree. We must not only put our best efforts to build the honorable and divine characters of our children but we must also change our own mindsets. Youth is like a raw material, their actions are the imitations of their elders. Hence, be a model of rectitude and let the youth also to be the same.

Amarpreet Kaur <br>Editor -
Amarpreet Kaur
Editor –

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