Rajasthani School

Rajasthani school of miniature painting flourished between 16th to early 19th century in the principalities of Rajasthan. Dr. A coomarswami The great scholar of Indian Art History discovered this school and introduced it as Rajput school. Later this school was called Rajasthani school. Rajasthan is divided in to parts by the aravali parvat,on the west are the jodhpur ,Bikaner and Jaisalmer to the east Mewar ,Bubdi ,kishangarh and kota .first of all the painting started from Mewar to Bundi and other parts of state.

It was inspired and influenced by Jain manuscripts painting of Gujrat along with Indian traditional art. Krishna leela is the most popular theme in the Rajasthani school. these topic have been derived from the literary work of Surdas .Tulsidas ,Meera bai Keshav das and Bihari lal also from Bhagvat Puran Ramayna and Geet Govinda etc.

Earlier this style was inspired by Vaishnava religion at that time the followers of Ramanuj like ballabhachaarya chaitany mahaprabhu etc. Had reached this religion to the climax. Important illustrations of Ramayna and Mahabharat of this school are also founded. Besides this theme later on painting have been done on romance ,general folk themes .illustration on Ragmala ,Barhmasa and nayk -nayika bheda,etc.Mewar ,Bubdi jodhpur , Bikaner ,kishan gharh and Jaipur are the sab school of Rajasthani school of  minture painting .

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