Pahari Paintings


The Pahari Painting Krishna with Gopis belongs Basohli Sub school of art. It was painted during the artist Manku. It was painted in tempera (water colour) on paper.

The painting’s theme has been selected from Geet Govinda series. five Gopis have been shown around Krishna who is in the center of the painting. They are adoring Krishna .one Gopi has been shown folding her hand a bottle and glass on the right side of Krishna, Amongst the two Gopis on the left side, one Gopi is playing Krishna and other Gopi has been shown with folded hands.

A scene from Vrindavan has been depicted. Yamuna river has been shown in the foreground. The back ground has been depicted in orange colour. We can find some trees with deferent shapes of leaves but they are having the same level of height. One each side a big tree is there in the back ground. Orange yellow sky blue and red colours have been used. Krishna’s crown is very attractive and ornaments of Gopis are very decorative.

The painter is successful in depicting the subject matter in of the painting because the theme “adoration of Krishna by Gopis” can be understood easily while watching the painting, so, the subject matter is justified.


The Miniature Painting is NAND YASHODA AND KRISHNA WITH KINSMEN GOING TO VIRINDAVAN painted by artist Nainsukh from Kangra during 1785-90 A.D. was done in water colour (tempera)on paper. I like this painting very much.The subject matter is very appealing It has been taken from Bhagvat Purana. Here Krishna’s father Nanda his mother yashoda along with kinsmen are going to Vrindavan. The painter has been successful in depicting the subject matter of the painting. the painting’s subject matter is justified on the basis of the aesthetic parameters as the way Krishna has been shown in the center rising the right hand upward towards Vrindavan is very appealing.

Balram is also shown rising his left hand towards Vrindavan in a beautiful manner. The lines and colours are beautiful, rhythmic and harmonious. two trees on the left and one tree on the right side of the painting have been depicted beautifully. Two birds have been shown sitting on the tree. A beautiful pond has also been shown in this painting. so, this painting has all the qualities for being appreciated and like by all the aspects justified the subject matter of the painting.

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