Paintings of Deccan School

Chand Bibi playing polo

Artist –

Chand Bibi playing polo is from Golconda sub school of Deccan Miniature Painting Artist was unknown.

Subject matter–

The subject matter of painting is the internment of Chand Bibi and her companions

Medium and technique –

The medium used in this painting is tempera (water color) on paper. in this technique, any type of glue is mixed with colored powder   so as to make it suitable for working on any surface. The glue can be of any type. fresh egg. Yule can also be used. after this mixture, water is also added. in light, the whole mixture (glue + coloured powder+ water) dries quickly.

And for their internment they have chooser the game polo and the title according to it So the subject matter is justified because when we watch this painting we feel and understand the subject matter from our heart.

Description –

Chand Bibi is playing polo with her companions four horses are shown on which four ladies Chand Bibi (sitting on white horse) and her three companions are sitting eyes of all ladies are big and open while waist is triangular in shape. one lady is standing on the fore ground with her hands directing upwards. She is perhaps an attendant. A white ball is also shown. a silvery grey lotus lake with aquatic words has been shown in the fore ground and the horizon is receding. In the back ground, huts, rocks, trees etc.  are shown. Green, yellow, blue and brown colors are used. being a miniature painting, it seems as if it is a big size painting. in the blue sky, sun is also shown. So over all it is a well-balanced and beautiful painting.

Human Values –

@ Sports as a source of recreation for a healthy and fulfilling life.

@ Teamwork towards a conman goal.

@ Develop a sense of healthy competition to get better in all fields.

@ Camaraderie.

Description in 30 words –

It is a tempera painting from Golconda of Deccan school. This painting depicts Chand Bibi playing polo with her three companion’s and polo master. In foreground a lotus pond is painted with Six Aquatic birds.

Ragin Pat Hamshika

The Deccan School of Miniature Painting Ragin Pat Hamshika is very beautiful painting. one can easily appreciate it on the basis of fallowing points.

Name of artist –


Medium and technique –

The medium used in this painting is tempera (water color) on paper. in this technique, any type of glue is mixed with colored powder   so as to make it suitable for working on any surface. The glue can be of any type. fresh egg. Yule can also be used. after this mixture, water is also added. in light, the whole mixture (glue + colored powder+ water) dries quickly.

Subject matter –

The subject matter of this painting has been taken from – “raga Hans” Dhwani. importance of music has been shown in this painting. A princess playing the veena has been shown while made servant are listing to the music very carefully.

Description –

The compositional arrangements of this painting are very appealing. Three female figures have been arranged very beautifully in the red colored four ground. In the center, a princess is shown holding a veena and is sitting on a red colored throne. On her left side, A Dashi (med servant) is standing and on the right side of the princess also a dashi is escorting her by waving a fan for the princess.

A Hukka of yellow color has been arranged in the center in the front of the princess and on the left side of Hukka . Small black elephant has been shown . in this painting, all the pillars and minarets or toms have been arranged symmetrically. at the top of the painting, an inscription has been mentioned all over (above the fine minarets shown). So, the whole composition is well composed and well balanced.

Human Values –

@ Camaraderie togetherness and solidarity.

Hazrat Nizamuddin Auiliya-
@ Respect for older guru or your seniors.

@ Mutual respects for each other’s art and talent.

@Regard for your juniors.

@Music for devotion to the divine.

@ Oneness of divine though means and way to reach him differ.

Description in 30 words –

In this Deccan miniature painting of Ahmednagar sub school, it composed vertically almost in symmetrical manner. Water color (tempera) technique are used. thin and forceful lines are rendered. Necessary textual effect is given. on the top of the composition some inscriptions are done in Devanagari scripts.

Hazrat Nizam-ud-Awaliya, and Amir Khusro

Deccan Paintings – Hazrat Nizam-ud-Awaliya, and Amir Khusro,Hyderabad, circa 1750-70 A.D., National Museum, New Delhi

Artist Title and Medium –

‘Hazrat Nizzamuddin Auliya and amir khusro’   belongs to Hyderabad school and is made in water colour technique artist – unknown. painted during circa 1750-70 A.D. The courtesy of this painting is at national museum; New Delhi.

Subject Matter –

This painting is based on the discussion between hazrat nizam Uddin aaliya and amir khusro on a religious subject. Amir khusro was the student of Nizamuddin auliya.

Description –

The Deccan Painting Hazarat Nizamuddin Auliya and Amir Khusro belongs to hydrabad Sub school of deccan miniature painting. In the painting Hazarat Nizamuddin Auliya and amir Khusro have been shown sitting on an orange platform discussing on some religious subject. Amir khusro was the favourite companion of 12th century A.D. Saint Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya and amir Khusro was also the most favourite disciple of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya. Amir Khusro was an indo-Persian (Sufi) poet from Delhi.

He was associated with royal court of more than seven rulers of Delhi saltant. In the fore ground Hazarat Nizamuddin is shown sitting on the right side of Amir khusro is sitting on the left side holding a musical instrument. At the bottom, two small green lawns with red flowers on both sides have been depicted. Hazrat Nizamuddin is shown wearing olive green dress which is the typical dress of Sufi saints. An aureole is shown around his head show his supremacy. aureole is yellow in colour and its circular border is decorated with brown colored small triangles.

Amir Khusro is wearing red turban and red dress. between both the figures some white eatable has been shown in a utensil. In the back ground, blue colored sky has been shown. a tree on the right side with yellow fruits, red flowers and brown trunk has been shown. A band of red flower and green leaves has been depicted on the horizon line. So, it is well composed and well-balanced painting.

Human Values –

@ Respect for your older guru or seniors,

@regard for your juniors,

@music for devotion to the divine.

Painting in 30 words –

This Hyderabad miniature painting painted in tempera technique is well composed vertically and almost formally shows with the appropriate color harmony.