Ques.- On the basis of the fact that Mughal school of miniature painting was secular in which Hindu god goddesses and saints were also depicted, identify any relevant miniature painting included in your course of study.

Answer- through the famous Mughal miniature painting Kabeer and Raidas , we receive a spiritual massage as in this painting two saints namely saint Kabeer and saint Raidas have been shown meditating on a same religious topic . saint Kabeer is weaving a garment on his loom and is in a meditating mood. Saint Raidas is also sitting near him and he is also in a meditating mood. The painting depicts Indian village life where peace and simplicity have been shown. this painting belongs to the time period during the rule of Dara sShiko (son of shahjahan) ,the another theme depicted in this painting is respect of all religions  as Dara Shikoh being a Muslim has shown Hindu saints in this painting . in other paintings made during his time also. Both Hindu and Muslim saints have been treated equally .so the whole atmosphere of this painting is religious and the presence of both saints – Kabeer and Raidas in this painting are proving this fact. The painting also justifies the fact that its subject matter is religious as well as secular.

Question – write a short note on the tendency for composing crowded scenes involving to many forms and figure in Mughal miniature paintings.


Identify the relevant painting included in your course of study comprising of the following features and explain them in that painting accordingly: the tendency of the composing crowded scenes involving too many forms and figures in the Mughal miniature painting.

Answer- Mughal school of art is very famous for depicting the tendency for composing crowded scenes involving too many forms and figure we can site examples of many miniature paintings of Mughal art where crowded scenes with too many forms and figures are well composed and well-balanced following are some examples of such Mughal paintings.

@ Krishna lifting mount Goverdhan- it is a vertical painting. the artist Miskin has so Krishna lifting mount Goverdhan on the little finger of his left hand. a use multi colored mountain has been handled very grace fully. on the top, blue colored sky has been depicted and the sky is also visible under the mountain. Krishna is shown in viratroop (large size). On the right side, a tree is shown. many brijbasis have gathered with their cattle for shelter from the heavy rain under the huge mountain. All the figures are well arranged.

@Babur crossing the river sone – Mughal emperor Babur has been shown crossing river sone through a bridge of boats. Babur, sitting on a platform of a large boat and is surrounded by attendants .in the foreground, leaping fish are shown and a man with a he got is also shown. Babur’s horse in a separate boat, a “maulvi, a man with a book ,a “mulla” praying etc. are shown in a well composed and well balanced way.

@ Dara Shikoh ki barat -it is a vertical composition in which the marriage procession of Dara Shikoh has been depicted brilliantly. all the figure’s (Dara Shikoh on the horse followed by his father and followed by three attendants, tha Baraatis -some on horses and some on foot, the man and women receiving Baarat etc.) have been arranged symmetrically. Depiction of various types of fireworks(Aatishbaji) is there in the back ground.

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