Que – On the basis of the tall and slender female figures rendered with fine and rhythmic lines in the Deccan school of miniature painting, identify any relevant miniature painting included in your course of study.

Answer – The miniature painting “Dancer” from Deccan school is very famous painting. It is the relevant miniature painting included in our course of study in which tall and slender female figures were rendered with fine and rhythmic lines. The artist has shown such an aesthetic grandeur in this painting that the rhythm, harmony and balance of lines, colours, shapes and figure all have been arranged beautifully. So, it is a perfect example of rhythm balance and harmony. These all qualities are enhancing the grandeur of the whole composition. On a plat form (cream colured) two female dancers are in same pose opposite each other and balancing each other. A fountain is in the center of the foreground. two similar cream coloured building opposite each other in the back of the dancers are also creating rhythm, balance and harmony. The typical Deccan hills in the back ground have been depicted in the dark green colour. The decorative costumes, embroidered dresses, fine jewelry and appealing colour scheme (mostly red, yellow, green, golden colours with brown lines) are enhancing the aesthetic grandeur of the painting. The perspective has been depicted beautifully. so, the painting obviously has the quality of aesthetic grandeur.

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