Questions of Modern Trends

Que- Write a note on about modern trends in Indian art?

Ans- Traditionally, Indian art was patronized by the kings and rulers of India .in 18th century onward, divide and rule “policy of British destroyed this system. they became major power of India. Britishers tried to demolish are traditional art. The Bengal school was major art movement in the country in first half 20th century. its manifesto was the search for national identities. the indianess. It has succeeded in regenerating patriotism and reflected national emotions. in spite of being fully aware of Bengal school, a few impartment in visual artist were Gagnendra Nath Tagore , Ravinder Nath Tagore, Amrita Shergill, jamini Roy etc. They did not care for the liking of massages. D.P. Roy Chaudhary, M.A.R. Chughtai, Asit Kumar haldar, Ravi Sankar Rawal, Sharda Charan Ukeel, etc. did referent experiments in foreign techniques with Indian tradition in mind and gave birth to new trends in Indian arts .the interrogation of Indian and European art brought renaissance .in this transition period many artist groups also embraced . first was the Kolkata group 1943, while the trucks, was the second groups formed in Bombay in 1945. The progressive artists groups Bombay came in existence in 1947 with the aim of quest for new language of art .in this crucial period Hussain and Ara continued art activities with new associates like Krishna Khanna Mohan Samant, V.S.. Gaytonde , Akbar Padamsi ,Tayyab Mehta and ram Kumar. Soon after independents modern trends in art continued with incredible speed due to introspective tendencies of artist of Baroda university like N.S. Bendre Sankho Chaudhary K.G. Subramaniyam etc. who inspired to paint visual imaginative and intellectual power of an individual artist. The contribution of K. C. Panikar an artist of south brought a significant modernism of Indian art by involving a fine expressive style based on rhythmic possibilities inherent in Indian drawing. This exposure opened up new dimensions in the field of arts. The moto of each artist has become to learn every new technique of art, coming out from any part of world and cultivate one’s individual style which is new in treatment and is rooted in one’s own personality. This is the beginning of the modern trends in Indian art .as a result individualism and originality have become the norms of modern art.

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