Que. Write a note on compositional arrangement of the Pahari school of miniature painting?

Ans- the compositional arrangement of Pahari school of miniature painting has been shown with great efforts and simplicity. Everything is well composed and well balanced in the Pahari painting.Nature scenes are very well composed as the trees clouds jungles etc. Have been depicted very beautifully. the land scape scenes are very beautiful .the lightening and rain scenes are very appealing. Inspite of having no proper perspective. the Pahari miniatures looks very attractive high horizon has been shown in the Basohli paintings. for examples, the Pahari paintings from Basohli school “Krishna with Gopies” has high horizon. he Yamuna river has been shown in the foreground which is covering very less area while the back ground which has been shown in orange colour is covering a very large area. The Pahari painting Krishna with Gopies and Rag Megha both appear to be well balanced and both are the examples of beautifully colourd compositions. All the figures and compositional elements are set according to the summary and balanced of the painting.

Que- Evaluate the aesthetic grandeur of miniature painting ‘Krishna with Gopi’s’ duly base on the aesthetic parameters.


Identify any relevant painting included in your course of study


comprising of the following features and explain it in that painting accordingly- ‘depiction of the Krishna Lila themes in the Pahari miniature paintings’

Ans.-The Pahari painting Krishna with Gopi’s belongs to Basholi school of art. it was painted during 1730.A.D. by artist “Manaku”. It was painted in tempera medium on paper. Krishna Lila themes have been depicted through this relevant painting in Pahari miniature paintings included in our course of study. 
The theme of the painting has been selected from the “Geet Govind” series. Eight Gopies have been shown around Krishna who is in the center of the painting. they are aoring Krishna who is wearing a graceful loin cloth and is embracing two of the Gopies. One Gopi is kneeling before Krishna one is touching Krishna feet. One Gopi on the right side of the painting is standing with folded hands (seems to be Radha) with an attendant holding a round fan over Radha’ s head two Gopies o left side are talking to each other (one on the left hand is holding the chunari).

Krishna’s crown has feather on it. Gopies attractive ornaments and rich costumes of all the figures of the composition are enhancing the aesthetic grandeur of the painting. All faces have large lotus shape eyes and same line staring from forehead to nose have been shown beautifully hands and feet of gopis have been decorated in red colors. The composition has bright, bold and lustrous colors. The small portion of the Yamuna river in the foreground is also shown the background on the horizon line   is shown a lane of trees so same height and size. Some trees with different types of leaves are on the right side of the foreground the tree in the form of nature are complementing   the beauty and devotion of the gopies. so, the painter is completely successful I depicting the subject matter of the painting and he also justifies the quality of aesthetic grandeur duly based on aesthetic parameters.

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