Generally, it has been seen that our children are full of new ideas but they have complete lack of knowledge of their most valuable Santana culture, rituals and their religion as well as lack of such programs/curriculum in school education. Due to which our children do not understand their religion and culture, because till date neither we have information about the real authentic history nor we are given this information through the syllabus. In order to overcome this shortcoming, we are very happy to inform you that we are striving to transfer our culture to our generations in this rapidly changing world. We are organizing completely free online class “Sanskarshala” which will help our children to understand our culture and religion and imbibe Santana Sanskars in their lives.


Ultimately, the purpose of this program is to make normal domestic life simple and simple by making them cultured. And to provide protection to today’s disintegrating religious structure. So that they can contribute their best in the development of the nation along with the development of their personality.


We want to infuse confidence in our children by transmitting our Santana Sanskars through open discussions and entertaining and acceptable statements under the proper guidance of experts. We want to make them aware of Santana, which is the need of the hour. The program will be conducted online.

• This participation will make children aware of values ​​and religion.

• They will learn how easy it is to face the challenges of real life on the strength of religion and rituals.

• They will be able to find solutions to even the most difficult problems.

• His/her personal ideas/solutions can also inspire the nation.

Normal instructions

@ Online classes will be organized on Google Meet every day from 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm.

@ These fifteen days online classes will be conducted completely free of cost.

@ 7- to 15-year-old children will participate in this.

@ After the day’s class, educational details and course material for that day can be downloaded from

@ Registration for this online class will be done on

@ Link for online classes will be provided by email or text message.

Subject –

1. Origin of nature 2. Origin of Santana Dharma 3. Fundamentals of Santana Dharma 4. Santana Sanskar 5. Features of Santana Dharma 6. Teaching of Santana Dharma 7. Santana Granth 8. God incarnation 9. Santana Heritage 10. Need of Santana Dharma and Sanskars 11. Goal of life 12 Personality development through Santana Sanskars 13. Santana Dharma is the basis of the nation 14. Santana Motivational Example 15. Q&A Test |

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